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Shelby Honors History Class
April 15, 2003 Visit
(All the photos are courtesy of Mr. Mark Kirby - Shelby High School History Teacher)

" Miss Morton" greets the Arriving Students
Students enter the schoolhouse "Ladies First"
"Miss Morton" displays a picture of an early era one room school

Little do these boys know the imminent stern lecture they're about to receive from
" Miss Morton " to place their feet directly under their desks and improve their posture!

Yes, Now that's a little more like what she had in mind.

- The Pledge of Allegiance -

A short discourse on the history of education in our country.

A bit of the history of education in a historic one room school.
It does make it more interesting.

- A Historic Cast of Characters -

The Whole Crew
The Shelby Honors History Class
Thanks for visiting us!
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