Morton One Room School Historical Museum

April 14, 2003

Our First Visiting Class

Students are Greeted by Miss Morton and learn to "Make their Manners"
Introduction by Miss Morton

Receiving some new "old" reading material.
The stories may be old, but they're still pretty good !
I wonder how difficult their spelling lessons were?
The math seems a little different than ours.
I can't really believe that happened!
- - It's Lunch time! - -
So - Did you get some neat stuff in your lunch too?
I can't believe I finished my lunch already. Now I'm ready for recess!
I've never heard of "Drop the Hanky" but this is really fun!
We're from Shiloh Elementary and we were the first class to visit Morton School in 51 years!!!
Thanks to our terrific teachers for making this visit possible.

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