The Norman Shepard Morton Family

The Morton School name was derived from the family of Norman Shepard Morton.
Norman S. Morton, was born in the town of Amhurst, Massachusetts on
August 12, 1808 to John and Rebecca (Moody) Morton. Norman's mother was
an educated and religious woman who taught Norman how to read his way
through the Bible when he was eight. When he was nine, Norman and his family
left Amhurst and moved to Gorham, New York (Ontario County). At 17 Norman
left New York for Ohio. On December 2, 1830 he registered land with the
land grant office in Wooster, Ohio arriving in the New London area out side
of Shelby, Ohio on New Year's day 1830. On June 19, 1839 Norman sold the
original land grant property to Jacob Clark and purchased the land
where the Morton School now stands.
After arriving in the Shelby, Norman married Elizabeth Ann Gamble, a child of
Judge Hugh Gamble's (born 1789 and died 1880) second marriage (to Mary Unknown).
This marriage which took place sometime prior to 1815 and brought forth two known children:
Elizabeth Ann and Hugh Gamble II. Mary died prior to 1823 and Hugh in 1823 married a third
time to Mary Disbro and they had a family of seven children: Delia, Lucy, Sarah Amanda,
John Henry, Mary, Adelaide, and Katherine.
Norman and Elizabeth Ann Gamble Morton were to have a family of six:
Linus Eugene, John H., Norman, Salma, Caroline, Moses Lewis and William B.
Elizabeth Ann died September 6th 1841. On November 22nd, 1841
Norman married his second wife, Ann Elizabeth Duling. To this second
marriage were born 2 sons and 6 daughters: Orrilla "Rillie", Linus Eugene,
Louisa, Matilda Angeline, Sarah Jane "Jennie", Harriet, and Charles.
It was on the 16th day of November 1883 (according to documents on file
in the Tax Department of Richland County, Mansfield, Ohio) that Norman and
Ann Elizabeth Morton leased the land where the present day school is located
to the Board of Education, Sharon Township, Richland County, Ohio.
The School Board at that time was comprised of Samuel F. Ekis, William H.
Smith, Eugene Cattey, E.D. Beckingham, Jacob Molder and John Wirtz.
Norman Morton died January 30, 1891. He was described by his friends,
neighbors and fellow citizens as honest, upright and kind. People said to have
found him obliging and the kind of father who taught his children the same
pioneer morals that had been instilled in him by his own parents. Norman
left 39 grandchildren and 20 great Grand Children the decedents of which
still populate the surrounding area and counties.

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