Morton One Room School Historical Museum

Home School Class Visit
Sept, 26, 2003
When we were told that we were going to visit a one room school, we wondered what we would find.
Will it be different from the way we learn?
We have four year olds to fourteen year olds, can they really teach all of us?
We really didn't know what to expect when we first took our seats, but
we paid close attention to "Miss Brown" as she explained what it was like
to go to a one room school.
Can you believe that the students carried their water
from the house next door with a stick and a bucket?
Actually I think it would sort of be fun - for awhile.
This feels pretty comfortable. I feel like I belong in this school.
I wonder what we will be doing next ?
Miss Brown says we'll be working on some Ohio Bicentennial projects.

Bicentennial is a really big word but these crafts make it easier to understand.
Is it the Ohio Bicentennial patriotic snowman? .............Too many counties and not enough colors!

Ohio's state flower is the red carnation.
They are really pretty easy to make,
and they look real cool!

These pieces are so teeny and the glue makes them want to stick to each other
instead of the paper, but when I'm finished it looks just perfect!
Here are just a few of the things we learned about Ohio during our visit:

 State Tree

 State Wildflower

 State Seal.



 Great Seal.

Motto of the State of Ohio

" With God All Things Are Possible "
The Flag of the State of Ohio is a swallow - tail design called a burgee.

Miss Brown says when we finish with the bicennennial crafts
we will be going outside to use the May Pole.

So just what exactly is a May Pole and how do we use one?
I don't know, but it sounds fun!

Miss Brown arranges us in a circle around the May Pole. We each have a
brightly colored ribbon to hold on to. Isn't it cool to be out in the country?
Now let's see how we're supposed to do this May Pole thing.
Before we realized it, it was time to gather up our projects and prepare to leave.
Our time went too fast. It seems like we just got here and now it's time
for us to go home. We got to do a lot of things, but we didn't know the
time would fly so fast. Miss Brown says we are always welcome to
come back for another visit. I think next year might be good......
We would like to thank all those of you (students and parents alike) in
the home schooling group who recently visited Morton School. We
certainly enjoyed seeing and visiting with all of you. We hope you
enjoyed your visit as much as we enjoyed having you.
We have recently received letters from some of the students who were among
those who visited Morton School for the above session.
This is what makes it all worthwhile !!
We can't wait either !

To schedule a class visit please email us.
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