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Shelby FFA Pavilion Project
(at Morton School)
Morton Museum has planned many outdoor activities that include visiting
school class programs as well as yearly community events such as
"Old Fashioned Days" . These programs could be curtailed in the
event of bad weather. The Shelby FFA instructor suggested that it might be
possible to obtain a grant to purchase the building materials for a
pavilion that could be built on the schoolhouse property. This pavilion
could be used for Morton School and other community outdoor events.
After a few weeks of investigation, it was determined that there was a possible
source for funds, the application was made, and a couple months later, the grant
was issued for the purchase of materials for the construction of the pavilion.
Shelby FFA students would be instrumental in it's construction.
Plans were made for the delivery of the materials to the site.
The day for the beginning of the construction was determined...

March 20, 2004
Not exactly the kind of day that we had been hoping for. Foggy and a bit gloomy,
but an hour or so after the work started, the sky cleared a bit and it warmed
up and became a nice day for working out doors.
The pavilion is ready for it's first event. "Old Fashioned Days - 2004 ".
Our thanks go to Shelby FFA instructor Randy Eisenhauer for his help in obtaining funds
for the building materials, and the Shelby FFA Chapter students who helped with the construction.
They have made this project possible.
We hope that the pavilion will be well used by the communitiy in addition to the
many visiting classes of the Morton One Room School Historical Museum Schoolhouse.
Thank you !!
Morton School Staff

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